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Pearl Jewellery To Live Out Your Audrey Hepburn Fantasies In


3 JUNE 2021

The love affair between pearls and royals goes way back. June’s birthstone was a favourite of Grace Kelly, Diana, Princess of Wales, and more recently, the Duchess of Cambridge. The Queen – owner of perhaps the most fabulous jewellery collection on the planet – is said to treasure a pair of pearl earrings she was given by Queen Mary in 1947 over all of her other pieces.

One of the most famous pearls in history has links to Hollywood and royalty alike. Passed down through a long line of Spanish monarchs, La Peregrina was given to renowned magpie Elizabeth Taylor by her husband Richard Burton in 1969. Taylor famously claimed to have found the historic pearl in her dog’s mouth after misplacing it. “I just casually opened the puppy’s mouth and inside his mouth was the most perfect pearl in the world,” she said.

Below, 32 classic and contemporary takes on pearl jewellery.