How to celebrate a 25th year anniversary as a jewelry designer? Open a retail store that pays homage to your heritage, reinvigorates your collections and then adds in an exclusive curation of a few of your favorite things that take the store to the level of a concept shop. That’s what designer Colette Steckel recently did to feature her eponymous brand. The boutique is located in the heart of Colette’s neighborhood, Brentwood, across the street from the Brentwood Country Mart.

Steckel had the space designed to immerse visitors in her French-Mexican background with décor inspired by contemporary French interior design. The venue will be home to Steckel’s signature collections along a selection of her favorite home and fashion essentials from France and Mexico. These include chocolates from François Pralus, velvet Backgammon sets by Hector Saxe, artwork by Benjamin Pietri, belts from NDA, and bags from Baní. The assortment is a compilation of pieces from her home countries that provided a sense of comfort to her while quarantining in LA during the height of the pandemic. Steckel explains, “Moving to a new space was a great opportunity to expand our offering and create a place that isn’t only home to my brand but also a celebration of my French-Mexican heritage. I’m thrilled to have a store in my own backyard, where I can introduce my community to the unique work of artists I admire from both countries.”