WhoWhatWear 4.16.21

A fun fact about me is that I'm a bit jewelry-obsessed. I've been building my collection of wearable accouterments from when I dragged my parents to get my ears pierced at Claire's and collected every color of jelly bracelets they sold at Hot Topic. Although my taste in jewelry has, how shall we put

it, advanced since the early 2000s, I still feel the same need to adorn myself with all manner of hoops, bangles, and pendants. The only difference is that my approach to accessorizing these days is to buy and wear pieces my future granddaughter would be excited to inherit.

Yep, we're talking fine jewelry. Of course, a jewelry box that's filled with nothing but solid gold, precious gemstones, and diamonds is the ultimate goal. But until my bank account and I get
that level, I'm content to daydream about the best fine jewelry pieces I'll own one day. In case it wasn't clear, I've given this imaginary collection a lot of thought and I've curated the ultimate lust- worthy list that's dripping with diamonds, sapphires, moonstones, and more. Daydream with me?